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Aka the International Space Station.

Current position and Live Streams

There's a separated page for this kind of information.
If loading all the streams at once slows your computer, use this link. It opens the page without loading any stream. You will have to start them manually.

The compact view page only display streams.
I use it for Spacewalks broadcasts. More info on spacewalks below.


AstroCosmonauts usually stay for up to 5½ months, but two of them stayed two years in orbit: American Astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko, during the expedition 44.
View the current crew.
Facts and figures about the ISS (NASA website).


For the next spacewalks, read the NASA TV schedule (link below), or use my excerpt showing only the spacewalks in the events.
Sometimes parts on the outside of the station need to be verified, repaired or replaced. AstroCosmonauts need to get in suits and get outside the station.
These expeditions are usually broadcasted on "ISS cam 1" (on this website) and the NASA TV channel, via the AstroCosmonauts webcams and other webcams outside of the station.
Sometimes, each stream is displaying the view from a different AstroCosmonaut. It's funny to watch them progress when they are close.
Spacewalks last a few hours, around 7-9h !
Use the compact view page to follow nicely a spacewalk: streams are organized to display the "ISS cam 1" and the NASA TV broadcast next to each other.
You may have to disable the sound of one stream, to avoid getting an echo of the comms, as the streams are not synchronized.
I usually swap from one to another, using the "ISS cam 1" as the main audio source. But as it still broadcasts the comms between the AstroCosmonauts inside the station and the ground, comms can overlap and get inaudible.
On the NASA TV stream though, there is a commentator which explains what is being done on the station and why, what each AstroCosmonaut is doing, etc.
It sometimes displays the mission time, the desk in the ground/control room (one can see who is guiding/talking to the AstroCosmonauts), the position of the ISS when comms get cut, ...

Wiki list of all EVAs here (go to 2018 directly)

The moon, Apollo 11

Explore the landing site.

Other links

Nasa web TV

Upcoming events: the spacewalks schedule is there.
Channels: public - education - media - iss (or there on ustream)
Alternate streams sources: public - education - media (m3u8 files, use VLC)


Week in images (ESA website): nice pictures with explanations.
Definition of Inertial Cartesian Coordinate System: on NASA website
Definition of Two-line Element Set Coordinate System (aka TLE): on NASA website

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